Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Research

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing My philosophy of nursing is to be an advocate for patients and care and treat each patient holistically and always provide a safe environment while providing patient care. As nurses, we must remember that patients are not and should never be addressed by their room number or medical conditions. Each patient is required and deserves individualized attention and care. As nurses, we should implement individualize clinical judgment to help meet the needs of the patient according to their condition. As nurses, we should enable patients by urging them to end up plainly dynamic accomplices in their own care and take part in shared objective setting amongst ourselves and the patient. Medical professionals are entitled to keep up patient secrecy with the exception of when we have an obligation to report as ordered by law. We should teach patients and their families on illnesses, medicines, and sound practices with a specific end goal to enhance their results.…show more content…
It is vital in nursing practice to distinguish not just the dangers that add to a present finding (e.g., introduction to lead-polluted environment, bringing about hoisted blood lead levels, and open air ozone or indoor allergens compounding adolescence asthma), additionally those that have not yet caused sickness, but rather are amiable to mediation (e.g., friable asbestos, radon, formaldehyde gasses from building materials, and carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides from inadequately ventilated heaters). By adopting a proactive strategy, medical attendants can start preventive activities to subside perils before they show as ailment. In this way, thought of ecological wellbeing ideas as a center nursing capacity will inconceivably fortify nursing's commitment to ailment
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