Personal Philosophy Of Sports And Physical Activity

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The body is always seen as two parts working together, mind and body. We study these concepts as if they were separate, such as biology for the body and psychology for the mind. Taking two different courses, one for mind and body, cause me to develop a dualism philosophy. After taking Kinesiology 305 Historical and Philosophical base of Kinesiology, I started to understand the body shouldn’t be seen as two things, but as seeing both mind and body equally important and should be devoted the same amount of time as well. This ideal is known as Holism. Holism is taught through the following description: sound mind in a sound body, unity of mind, body and spirit, educational through the physical, and education of the physical. Holism allows use…show more content…
The next description is educated through the physical. According to Jesse William, who created that phase suggest if people a whole being, teachers shouldn’t isolate any pure physical activity element, because if the body moves the whole body will move as well. Body action can be used as a tool to teach human’s habits and skills that will allow them to become a good citizen. People argue this is dualistic ideology because it you have to concentrate on the physical to get results in the mind. But this shows how the physical aspect can lead to an overall improvement in the mind/soul area. If a person wants to learn how to correctly greet someone, they must learn whether the culture rather accepts bowing, handshake, etc. This indicates the mind/knowledge determines their action which translates the type of person who you are. The final characteristic is education of the physical which implies that our physical nature affects our personalities, goals, and values. This is similar to the characteristic, since it implies that if a person is living a healthy physical and fun life, their mind is going to be healthy as well. Such as a student having physical education running around and playing will translate to good emotion towards the body. During the beginning of the semester, I had a dualist stance which involved treating the mind separate from the body. If the body physically hurt, I would expect the main cause of the pain be physical and not
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