Personal Philosophy Of Supervision And Evaluation

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Within this assignment, I will identify my personal philosophy of supervision and evaluation. Currently I have been in the educational system for 15 years. Throughout this experience, I have endured multiple variations of supervision styles and evaluations. Some of the supervision styles / evaluation processes have proven to be positive while others have not. Even though some of the styles have not proven to be beneficial to my teaching career, or build my capacity as a teacher, all of these experiences have helped to develop my beliefs on supervision and evaluation.
Through collegiate discussions and the course text, I now understand that educational beliefs are the foundation of a supervisory platform (Glickman, Gordan, Ross-Gordan, 2014). Therefore, my personal educational beliefs are:
• I believe that students should be provided with a set of knowledge, skills and cultural values.
• This should come in the form of instruction that incorporates inquiry, individual curiosity and problem-solving skills.
• In order to accomplish this task, teachers must meet students’ where they are and build on the pervious knowledge so that students can reach their maximum potential.
With this foundation / understanding of my educational beliefs, my supervision platform is multi-faceted. I firmly believe that as an educational supervisor, my job is to ensure that students’ reach their full potential. To ensure that students reach their potential, I must fluidly move between the
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