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My Personal Philosophy Trisha DeSouza MDC-Benjamin Leon School of Nursing 23 June 2015 Abstract This purpose of this paper is to explore the personal philosophy of the author presented Trisha DeSouza. The author’s concept of pain is what led her to an exploration of a nursing career with compassion to care for those who are in trouble times. Through the use of the nursing metaparadigm of person, health, environment and nursing, she elaborates on their importance to her in relation to nursing. Furthermore, in education, administration, and research, she explained how they help shape nursing. The use of Hildegard Peplau Interpersonal Relations Theory and Nightingales’ Environmental Theory help her see how some aspects of…show more content…
According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary (2015), “philosophy is a particular set of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life.” Before truly choosing ones path into nursing, it is important to explore personal values and principles that will guide such nursing practice. Her philosophy in nursing incorporates the nursing metaparadigm of person, health, environment and nursing. Furthermore, it will include education, administration and research. This paper will focus and explore values she feels are important and necessary in the delivery of holistic nursing care. Nursing as a Person A person can be an individual, family, community or all mankind. It is “the focus of nursing practice (George, 2011). Providing compassionate and patient centered care is imperative. Maintaining an efficient nurse-patient relationship is instrumental to the care of a person. A nurse theorist that she relates this too is Hildegard Peplau whose theory greatly emphasizes the importance of the nurse-patient relationship. The nurse-patient relationship starts when there is a need. Therefore, through phases, the relationship is maintained. She believes that to any person that effective communication is greatly needed so that they are aware that their care is in great hands and all will be done to ensure health is restored to the highest level possible. Nursing as Health The word health means
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