Personal Philosophy Paper : Empowerment Coaching

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Personal Philosophy Paper
Empowerment Coaching SOC 123 is quite the educational journey, I did not realize existed and thoroughly enjoyed taking. Reading Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus and Coaching Based Ministry by Tim Crosby and Mike McGervey taught me about coaching and what it means to really listen to others. There are many aspects involved in the coaching process. As I studied, both these books, I was learning foundational principles I would apply to my life now and carry throughout my life as building blocks to develop my coaching skills. In this paper, I will discuss my six foundational principles I would integrate into my own coaching practice.
Excellent Listener
To be an effective, excellent listener you must be quiet,
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33). On the same page, Stoltzfus lists; “Top 5 Reasons to Coach and Be Coached” here they are:
1. Experience More Transformation-Make radical changes in your own life and see more lasting change in others.
2. Grow Faster/Get More Done- Accelerate change and accomplish more without overload.
3. Unleash People-Stop creating dependence and free up your time by empowering others to take action.
4. Develop Leaders-Invest more effectively and efficiently in leaders around you to multiply your impact.
5. Improve Interpersonal Skills-Learn great tools for building deep relationships and having extraordinary conversations.
I have read several books, searched the internet, and completed Bible studies in the area of transformation which I would love to incorporate into my own personal coaching skills. One of the cites I found has videos to guide you through the transformation process; , and Rick Warrens book Transformation goes with the video series. It also backs up everything we learned in Coaching Based Ministry by Crosby and McGervey on the “wheel of life” it is the same principle which leads to my next example.
Develop the Heart of a Coach
Before you can successfully coach you must look within your own heart to discover why you want to
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