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A. Personal philosophy Statement My classroom philosophy in education is to create a positive and safe classroom environment that takes into consideration the emotional and social needs of my students and nurtures their connectedness to school through a shared disciplined culture grounded on respect and responsibility. I believe that an ideal environment is paramount to the success of learning and such an enabling environment will ensure that students learn from every lesson so as to succeed. By working with students at an individual level, I will be in a position to understand their social and emotional needs and tailor make strategies to care for them and help them meet their expectations. The approach will be grounded on discipline which…show more content…
• No disruptive behavior during discussions, this includes talking, going out of class for snacks.
• No individuals should dominate discussions.
• Raising hands when asking questions, objecting or adding to the discussion.
3. Individual assignments. Individual assignments must be well researched, written and submitted in time as required. Lateness in submission of the assignments will attract a penalty. Avoid plagiarism at all costs.

4. Cell phone policy. No use of mobile phones in class. This means no receiving or making calls, no texting, no listening to music. Use of phone will be considered disrespectful and when it happens the student will be sent out of class and the student considered absent.
5. Lateness policy. Students are encouraged to make efforts to arrive early before the lesson begins. Consistent lateness will be considered disrespect to the teacher and other students and will attract consequences.
6. General conduct. Students are to relate with the teacher and each other by observing a few behavior rules:
• Respecting each other
• Keeping hands to themselves
• No name calling
• Listening and following directions
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The aim is to proactively build and repair relationships so as to foster collaboration and engagement. Punishments will follow the general misconduct consequences explained above. This strategy follows the guidelines of Bailie 2016 on Advice for teachers to help prevent misbehavior in the classroom.
E. Describe how your classroom supports an emotionally safe environment that fosters learning and deals effectively with emotions, conflicts, and serious behavior problems. My classroom will create an environment that is emotionally supportive through mutual respect. Students will be taught in the beginning of the class coursework a brief on the basic human needs so as to get to get to appreciate the different needs of others and the importance of treating each other with respect and dignity. Because a classroom should function as a community, I will provide growth opportunities for my students and ensure that through activities like get to know your classmate we get to learn more about each student. Students will be taught to embrace diversity and as such treat each others’ opinions with respect even though they are allowed to intelligently and respectfully disagree with such opinions. Through class integration and cooperation, conflicts will be solved using the set procedures and through appointed leaders and the
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