Personal Philosophy Statement : The President Of South Africa Essay

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Personal Philosophy Statement The former president of south Africa, Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world." This quote emphases the importance of education and how the generations can be changed. I firmly believe that this quote should empower the students, teachers, and the human kind to learn. Growing up, there was a lot of complications in learning for me. However, there were teachers there at all times to push me to become a better person. These teachers showed a compassionate side along with staying on the side of expectations they had to follow. As the older I got and the further I went in life, my passion for teaching grew. Throughout the years, the rules and regulations has been stricter and harder for the teachers to educate. To pursue my passion of teaching the younger generations towards a change will be a challenge I 'm willing to take. However with the process of teaching, I will have to find my personal teaching style that would draw on my strengths, skills, experiences, values, and knowledge. My freshman year I had the privilege to be a student in the CEID 111 class. Being in this class has taught me the details of becoming a teacher and the history behind it all. This class made my passion for teaching grow even more. I would like to teach the youngest generation. By starting with younger children, I would like to show the community around me that times may be hard, however not to give up
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