Personal Philosophy of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Personal Philosophy of Nursing Pamela Metzger September 11, 2011 Jacksonville University Personal Philosophy of Nursing Nursing Philosophy What is nursing, what does nursing mean to me? After much thought I have put together a few ideas of what the term nursing means to me, along with some supporting ideas from references I have read. Jacksonville University School of Nursing Philosophy One of the primary foundations of the philosophy of Jacksonville University’s School of Nursing is based on caring in nursing. Compassion and concern for protecting and enhancing the dignity of the patient are essential components of caring. Caring in nursing is there to meet the needs of the…show more content…
I try to keep open communication with my patients and their families; I try to include the family when I am educating my patient. I urge everyone to ask questions. I offer encourage- ment and praise the efforts of my post-op patients when they want to sit up longer in a chair or take an extra walk around the unit. I also caution them about overdoing and exhausting themselves. I feel a sense of fulfillment when the family members coach the patient on some of the education I have offered earlier. Listening is a key component to nursing. It means that at times I need to be a mediator between the physicians and my patients, helping to make sure the physician understands my patient’s concerns and helping my patient understand what the physician is telling them about their illness. It is important that they feel they are not alone while they are in the hospital. Theorist View of Nursing I have read and utilized some of the following theories from some classic nursing theorists when caring for my patients. I feel I closely identify with many of Jean Watson’s concepts. Her theory is about caring as a science. I have put to use many of the carative factors listed below (Watson, J. 2010): * Developing and sustaining a helping-trusting, authentic caring relationship. * Being present to, and supportive of the expression of positive and negative feeling * Engaging in
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