Personal Philosophy of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Rosenald E. Alvin Florida Atlantic University A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step, a Chinese proverb that I have come to live by through my journey of nursing. I never thought in a millions years that I would have become a nurse. When I was younger nursing was the only profession my mother pushed. It was as if everyone in our family had to be a nurse. Honestly, I think I rebelled from the thought of being a nurse simply because it was my mothers desire for my life. I went from wanting to become a lawyer, to a therapist, to a pharmacist, to even a radiology tech. Ultimately; nursing became the clear path that God wanted for me. Interestingly enough I have come to realize my personal…show more content…
There are times when some of my patients just want talk to someone to the point where they are very difficult to deal with. Often times I realize that the patients that are on medications like Haldol and Xanax could easily be controlled if someone just listened to them oppose to thinking they where unruly. Health in nursing is having the understanding of the patients’ disease, processing my patient, and being able to competently take care of them. Not only that, but also being able to recognize the signs of whether my patient is declining or improving as well. I believe environment in nursing is having an atmosphere where everyone can function appropriately. When I say that, I am referring to being in a place where co-workers are able to ask questions and we are able to lean on one another. An environment where patients feel comfortable asking the doctors’ questions or even asking the nurses questions without feeling inadequate. The environment of the hospital helps play a huge role in patient care because if we work in a stressed place we then in turn display that in our care. My vision for myself as a nurse is that I will continue to grow and learn ways to be empathic. My desire is to always put my patient well being above my own. To live out my philosophy of nursing, every day I must remember that when I go to work it is not about me. It doesn’t matter what I am going through or what I am dealing with, when I step onto the
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