Personal Phyosophy in Nursing

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My Personal Philosophy of Nursing Applying the four Metaparadigms Danice Thorne Transition to BSN Kristine Hilton & Beth Pecora October 24, 2015 Introduction It is the nurse’s responsibility to provide optimal care for the patient. This doesn’t begin and end with only the patient who is ill, nor does it end when a patient goes home. To provide a patient quality care holistically the nurse may apply one or more theories. The nurse will decide whichever theory is applicable to the patient; these theories all share the basics concepts. The nurse will initiate a framework of evidenced based practice within these concepts. The metaparadigms consists of a belief and belief system composed of four concepts; human being,…show more content…
Health Another concept is health; the nurse will become familiar with the history of the patient’s life span and their genetic makeup. According to Kearney-Nunnery (2012) it is important to “look at how the client is defined in the environmental context and consider the health actions: are they perceived as emerging, maintaining, enhancing or perhaps palliative.” p 4 Health is a relative term, for instance, an 80 year old man completes 5 push-ups. His strength would be considered to be in good health, however if it was an 18 year old man completing only 5 push-ups, he would be considered unhealthy (Nurse Group 2015). It is also important to know what the patients understanding of health and wellness is. Nursing The final component of the metaparadigm is “nursing”. Nursing refers to delivery of optimal health outcomes for the patient, based on the patients’ health action. Nurses are required to have specialized training and knowledge. This includes experience with hands on nursing care, communication, medical knowledge and technical skills. Nurses will be communicating with patients, their families and other professionals on a regular basis. While applying these skills it is important for nurse to show their patients a caring supportive and compassionate environment. It is the nurses’ obligation and responsibility to be an advocate for the patient. The nurse should always maintain a high level of code of ethics. Conclusion

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