Personal Plan for Success

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A Personal Plan For Success
I often wondered how people succeeded in balancing their personal lives and maintaining a career at the same time. “One has to take a backseat,” I thought. Through the years, I have come to realize that it is not necessarily the case. When I came here to this country to work, I got to meet many people who I have come to admire in their pursuit and success in living a well-balanced family and professional life. Then I said to myself, “It is not easy but very possible.”
Growing up, I always have been a planner. I want to know how things will transpire and when they will be accomplished. I do this to a fault at times but so far it has guided me through life. At this point in my life, I can truly say that I have
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I am hoping that by doing this I will be able to include it in my daily routine so that I can budget my time better.
When a person has goals, it is important to set milestones that would mark the achievement of these goals. These help in encouraging one to persevere toward the fulfillment of his ultimate goal. My first milestone would be when I successfully pass my first course of my master’s program. This is important because this tells me that I can do it. This conveys to me that the adjustments that I have made to meet my challenges work. A second milestone would be when the time comes that I can navigate through the different applications in the online learning system with ease and comfort. The final milestone would be passing that final course to complete my master’s program. This would validate that all my hard work was worth it.
For a good plan to work, it is important that everybody involved in it fully understand what is going on. Effective communication plays a fundamental and essential part in this. Every day and every minute we communicate whether it may be verbally or non-verbally. Martha Graham, an American modern dancer and choreographer, once said, “The body says what the words cannot” (Lewis, 2012, para. 2).
As a person, I am very expressive. Aside from verbally communicating my thoughts, I am very transparent in my body language too. I have no problem saying what I have in my mind but there are times when I cannot
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