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My Personal Plan to Succeed Ross E. Kensey HCS504 February 27, 2012 Dr. Linda Amankwaa My Personal Plan to Succeed Going back to school is never an easy endeavor. Balancing the requirements of work and family alone can be a daunting task. When school is added into the mix, this can easily become a stressful time in life. In this paper I will examine my personal and professional goals, reasons for pursuing my graduate degree, and strategies that I will employ to make it easier to obtain academic success. I will also examine milestones that will mark the achievement of my short and long-term goals, challenges I will face while attempting to meet my goals, strengths, and weaknesses related…show more content…
This is one main reason I am pursuing graduate study. Studies have shown earnings for graduate degree holders are higher than those of bachelor’s degree holders (Fatima, 2009). I feel as though with a graduate degree, a multitude of more lucrative opportunities will be present and I will be better able to provide for my loved ones. I am also pursuing graduate study to grow my knowledge base and understanding of higher level concepts in nursing. My short-term goal for this academic program is to obtain the grade of “A” in the Introduction to Graduate Study of Health course. When I think of long-term goals, I think of goals linked to my values. My decision to try to obtain a degree is linked directly to my value of personal and professional growth (Carter, Bishop, & Kravitz, 2007). My long-term goal will be to complete the entire graduate program with a 3.5 grade point average or higher. Anything worth going after will have challenges that present themselves along the way. The first challenge I face is trying to manage my professional, personal, and academic needs at the same time without becoming stressed. According to Lesley Pugsley, “You need to be aware of your learning preferences and understand the times of day you can study most effectively” (Pugsley, 2009, p. 195). This is a strategy I intend to use to help manage some of my stress. Second, I know that my
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