Personal Polish in Katherine Longshore's Book, Tarnish

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“A deep breath is all it takes to enter a room. Or to scream. Or both”(Longshore1). This is one first things Anne Boylen is thinking when she returns to the English Court for the first time in ages. She has finally rejoined the English Court after being sent away because of the scandal she’s committed and now is more than ready to fit in and steer clear of gossip. Tarnish, is a book written by Katherine Longshore about love, heartbreak and power. The theme comes across strongly through all these attributes of the book. Tarnish’s theme is to not allow society’s expectations get in the way of your true self. Anne Boylen tried everything to fit into court. She gave up herself to make others happy. She changed the style of clothing she wore from her preferred French to the English style. The court was laughing at her and all she wanted was to blend into the background. “’ I need to change,’ I blurt. ‘This. I need to change this. Everyone is laughing at me’” (20longshore). She also gave up her opinions and voice to please other people, because women were supposed to be seen and not heard. However, her attempts at keeping silent never worked. Desperate, Anne wore the heavy white make-up (Venetian ceruse) of the duchesses, despite serious risks. “I hesitate. It said that wearing cerise can cause teeth to fall and hair to thin to near baldness. It said it can kill. Slowly”(91Lomgshore). This desire to please even extended to her father. One of the most important things to

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