Personal Political Beliefs

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The saying “the personal is political” or “the private is political” is theory that was used as a rallying slogan for second-wave feminism as well for a student movement. This theory started as a way to change the nuclear family values and now it has developed into something more for feminism and for political ideologies being closely interconnected. Personally, I completely agree with the statement that “the personal is political”. It would be hard, in my opinion, to separate your personal beliefs on your political ideologies. That is like saying you love chocolate but not chocolate cake, even though they are basically the same things. One’s personal beliefs must influence their political beliefs and vice versa. For example, I would personally never have an abortion, but I believe everyone has the right to be able to choose for themselves, because I respect that everyone has a choice. Which is why I would choose to vote for a pro-choice candidate, because of my beliefs. This is an extremely important notion to understand. Politics are vastly important. If more people understood this idea, then I believe more people would become involved in politics. There is no way to separate one’s opinions and political ideas, because our opinions on those topics stem from the political ideas and the fact that we have to choose either one or the other. All the hot topics have become highly politicized, so how could one not have an opinion on them? One cannot be indifferent on healthcare,
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