Personal Price That The Tree Has Nothing Wrong With It Are More Prone And Open

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IP 2- Development Reason 1 Individuals have to pay a personal price when they decide to strength and serve their own individuality. “Two-Part Pear Able”- “ And someone says how horrible... there will be revulsion won’t there?... demand for expulsion..” ( Swenson 88-97). The non-pear tree represents the individual in this part of the poem. The tree has nothing wrong with it, infact its only difference is that it has no pears. “ It is fairly tall tree sturdy, capable looking… exceptionally pleasing,” ( Swenson 9-14). Because the tree is different from its surroundings, it is faced with discrimination and judgement. When a person is judged as different and described as “ horrible” just because of the way they look, The personal price that the tree “pays” is that it more prone and open to the judgement of those who are conformists. “He Named Me Malala” ( holistic) - Holistically, Malala is an individual because she does not try to conform or give up her values to appease the masses: the Taliban. She holds onto her inner strength and continues to fight for her beliefs “Family Card Game”(clip) - “ I chose this life… and now I must continue it” Malala reflects upon the personal choice that she made to stand up for her human rights, specifically the right for women to be educated. The personal choice that she makes threatens her life, forcing her to leave her country. Even after almost being killed by the Taliban, Malala still speaks out about human rights and the

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