Personal Privacy Vs. National Security

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Personal Privacy vs. National Security An example of history repeating itself is the similarity of the sequence of events between the Palmer Raids and the NSA’s PRISM program. Both of these events in U.S. history started with Americans calling on the government for protection. The government then responded by creating programs to protect, but while working to protect the government in both events used illegal practices. These practices soon were leaked which caused americans to not support the government’s ways of protection. They even opposed it so much that they even took steps to terminate the programs. The NSA’s PRISM program and the Palmer Raids were started as a response to American citizens asking for protection after terrorist attacks and bombings. The Palmer Raids were created as a response to several bombings that took place in the United States in the late 1910’s and early 1920’s. The first anarchist bombings targeted several politicians in April (“The Palmer Raids Begin: November 7, 1919.”) many thought it was a one time thing. Just a few months later a series of bombings took place, June 2, 1919, destroying Palmer’s home and leading to increased public pressure for action against the radical agitators (Dehler, Gregory). The public pressured the government when they stated that congress did not understand the seriousness of the bombings (Alexander M. Palmer). This proves that the citizens wanted the government to take action. The NSA’s PRISM program was
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