Personal, Professional, and Ethical Belief System Essay

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Personal and Professional Ethical Belief System
Farah Nail
University of Phoenix

In the human services field, personal ethical belief systems combined with professional ethics work in partnership to guide human service professionals in unraveling ethical dilemmas. An increasing number of professionals and clients seek out to define the fundamental policies of the human services field. Humans develop an integration of values, standards, and beliefs from birth throughout life. The values, standards, and beliefs developed through life assist in characterizing personal ethical belief systems. Our personal ethical belief system unites with our professional ethics to shape the ethical decision-making process. A code of ethics is essential
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God is infinite, everlasting, and never-changing. God set the laws of the land therefore I must abide by what is determined by God as right and wrong. God has revealed this truth through his creation and revelation. God is absolute. God created all people as equals. As a believer in God, I serve him through service to others and my community. I take on responsibilities of helping others in my community, volunteering, and donating goods. At all times I abide by these principles: worship only God, respect people, be humble, be honest, live a moral life, be generous with time, practice my views, do not criticize, judge, or condemn, do not hold a grudge, and forgive others. I believe it is right to resist temptation while knowing that evil lurks around. I believe one-day God will return and seek judgment for his people. To live morally and ethically divine is obligatory to have eternal life. As a person and professional, I understand and acknowledge that not all human beings embrace the same views as me and I respect the views of others. In the human service profession, my personal ethical belief system helps guide the work I do as a volunteer at Wise Choices Pregnancy Resource Center (WCPRC). At WCPRC the mission is to help women make life affirming choices. The services offered are free pregnancy testing, free limited sonograms, adoption referrals, abortion

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