Personal Profit's Crucial Role in Defining a Human Being

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Personal Profit’s Crucial Role in Defining a Human Being College. The word brings to mind the struggle of being accepted to a top tier university. The intense competition seen in high schools around the country to earn a seat in prestigious schools can consume student’s lives to such a degree as to corrupt their sense of place. The competition drives students to commit uncharacteristic and almost unconceivable actions. Many cheat their way into college by manipulating affirmative action and as a result intentionally sabotage a peer’s chances of “succeeding.” This pursuit highlights a false sense of entitlement among students and fosters a hostile feeling toward peers. A similar situation is seen throughout many works of literature such as Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad, where a mariner named Marlow, who uncovers the mysteries and horrors of the African interior, seeks to meet an esteemed figure named Kurtz. When Marlow discovers Kurtz’s true nature and actions, he realizes the extreme degree of corruptness the human race possesses. In Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad suggests that humans only seek personal profit, shown through character relationships between Marlow and the African natives, the manager, and Kurtz. Heart of Darkness depicts the corrupt nature of humanity by illustrating Africans who sold out their own race to Europeans and enslaved them solely for the personal gain of not becoming a slave themselves. When Conrad originally visits the Outer Station,

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