Personal Project Is Much More Than A Project

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Investigating Personal project is much more than a project; it is an experience, a process and a journey. It is an opportunity to test your potential and explore your dreams. With so much support and little guidance students are sent out into the community to explore and in the end you only can get out of it what you put in, so what you come back with is up to you. For my personal project, I investigated the benefits of animal therapy on individuals in both short term and long-term care facilities. Inquiring into the psychological connection between animals and people through animal therapy was a way to combine my interests in psychology and medicine with my new puppy. It was also personal because I have elderly grandparents who enjoy spending time with their pets and from personal experience I know how spending time with my dog can be a remedy for stress. Animal therapy is an ingenuitive way for animal owners to share the joy of pets with residents of facilities that don’t allow pets . I got to experience how animals have the ability to communicate with people despite any disabilities like dementia or auditory impairments (See Appendix G). With animals, unlike humans, there are no barriers to an interaction. Animals have an extraordinary power to bring laughter into a room or simply to know when to just sit there beside a person and be petted (See Appendix B). My project was focused on how visits with therapy animals help residents of care homes feel better and even be

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