Personal Psychology : History And Education

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Educational Psychology
Audrey Auriemma
Empire State College

When considering a career in education, one must be prepared for the hard work and many challenging demands teachers face on a daily basis, overcrowded classrooms, budget cuts, administrative, district, city, and state demands as well as, parental demands, homework, inadequate working conditions and insufficient supplies, the requirements of “No Child Left Behind”, common core standards, and standardized testing. According to Renzulli, Reis, and Thompson (2009), “the dismal reality is that many imaginative, deeply committed teachers are themselves unhappy and frustrated by local and federal mandates to raise school wide achievement” (p.23). These high demands can impact teaching and teachers can become overwhelmed and overlook the true reason that brought them into this career path, helping student’s become successful lifelong learners and preparing them for academic and life success. If one possesses the passion of becoming a teacher, there are requirements that need to be met and many educational strategies and instructional methods that one can utilize to keep them focused on the primary goal and purpose, educating the whole student, helping them reach their fullest potential, and experience success. One who possesses a desire to become an educator must understand their role as a teacher and role model, to enhance student learning by
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