Personal Qualities And Its Impact On The Nation 's Largest Population Group

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each part: • Personal Qualities (such as independence, willingness to learn, emotional intelligence, adaptability, self-awareness, initiative, reflectiveness, self-confidence, stress tolerance and malleable self-theory) • Core Skills (such as numeracy, language skills, reading effectiveness, information retrieval (effective use of technology and media devices), self-management, critical analysis, creativity, written communication, oral presentations, explaining (orally and in writing), global awareness and listening) • Process Skills (Computer literacy, commercial awareness, political sensitivity, ability to work cross-culturally, ethical sensitivity, prioritizing, planning, applying subject understanding, acting morally, coping with ambiguity and complexity, problem solving, influencing, resolving conflicts, decision making, arguing for and/or justifying a point of view or a course of action, negotiating and team work) According to the United nations, Nigeria is one of the few countries experiencing a ‘Youth Bulge’ (a phenomenon whereby the country’s largest population group is below the age of 24) and it is estimated that by 2025, 25% of world youth population will be found in Africa alone as the continent tends towards urbanization (Zille and Benjamin, 2011), a situation which will greatly affect Nigeria and its high youth population due to the increasing rate of unemployment in the country. While this high abundance of human resource should be a blessing to the nation,

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