Personal Reactions And Evaluation Of The Doctor Made Really Upset Meagan

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The statement the doctor made really upset Meagan. While I wasn’t disturbed or frustrated by the special attention and treatment this family was getting, I could not help but find it extremely interesting. I watched as Meagan went out of her way to be extra nice and respectful when she spoke to the patient and her family, the way her needs seemed to be priority over all out other patients, and the way it even shifted the whole atmosphere of the floor in a way. This is the main event I will be discussing for the remainder of this journal.
Personal Reactions and Evaluations
As Meagan and I cared for E.O. throughout the night, I thought a lot about how different nursing care would look if all of the patients were treated with the
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E.O. said thank you every time we did anything for her—this really blessed me. Her mom did not say say or act like she was “too good” to do anything we were doing to care for E.O. either. She helped clean E.O. up after her bowel movement, change the sheets on the bed after she peed the bed in her sleep, and even tried to take out the trash for us. I was surprised by how much these things surprised me. This led me to think about the entire situation from a whole new perspective. Just because they are rich does not make them any different from me. People often equate being rich to being a snotty, selfish person. However, that is not a true or fair assumption to place on them whatsoever. We do not have to put a title or label on people because they are rich; they are simply people too.
My feelings ran parallel with my thoughts through the night. A lot of my feelings stemmed from my deep curiosity of people, the way we think, and the reason we do what we do. I questioned and tested much of what I saw during the night. I felt like an observer, a fly on the wall watching a very interesting scenario unfold in front of me, without the people in the room really noticing I was there. It was insightful to observe the customer service displayed for this family, yet, not in the same way for others. I felt humbled as Jesus showed me that I had a lot to work on too. As he broke down the prejudice I subconsciously held against “rich people,” I
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