Personal Reflection : An Introduction To College-Level Writing

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As my first semester comes to a close, during this time I have obtained many new techniques and refreshed some old ones as well. I have grown a substantial amount in my writing and as a person from engaging myself in this course. Filled with excitement and reckless nerves, college was a new beginning for me and many others. Hearing all the stories and advice that people gave me it, really made me create a sense of what was expected to happen. My first class of the semester was EH 106 early in the morning. From the time, we entered to the time we left that’s when I realized everything got serious. On the first day of class, we received a thick syllabus with everything that we would be going over in the class. From the code of conduct to…show more content…
Then from there, I would go into my topic of my persuasive essay that would change my English course from there on. As I sat down with Alice we wrote out an outline and some things I could include in my paragraphs to form my overall story. Taking her advice and including details in my story I personally thought I did a really good job on my first paper, but that all changed when I turned it in. With so much confidence in my writing, I was sure that my paper would be a worth a B or above. When I got my hands on my paper and turn it over to see my grade I was livid. Sitting there in complete shock I just sat there staring at my grade as if it was going to magically change. Concerned with my grade on a major paper I to the liberty of talking to Professor Major on how I could recover. As we sat down and went over the major problems with my paper I realized the focus of my paper wasn’t clear and did focus on a climax at all. From then on, I knew I had to work on my writing process and be more open to creative thinking and feedback from others. With the breaks in between each major paper, I knew I needed more help and more than one person’s point of view on my papers. On my next major paper, I strived to get nothing less than a B, which meant that more work was going to be put into my future papers. After a week or so our next major paper was a rhetorical analysis essay. This
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