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As I reflect on the drafting of this paper I recall frustration, but also achievement. I struggled initially because writing is not one of my best traits and it was hard for me to communicate my ideas thoroughly. However, as I continued to research more information and edit my paper, the writing became easier. I feel as though I learned a great deal about the topic, which allowed the writing to flow smoothly. Overall, I think that once I had more knowledge on diabetes, I was able to communicate the effects very easily. In the future I think I need to begin researching earlier, as well as fully understanding what the topic is before I begin to write. I also liked that we were required to create an outline for our paper because this allowed…show more content…
Throughout, the drafting process of the paper I think I done best at simplifying medical knowledge into common knowledge. While I was writing I kept in mind the fact that the general public should be able to understand the writing because my purpose was to inform. Therefore, I had to use terminology that a common person would know to describe how diabetes negatively affects the body, mind, and lifestyle choices. I didn’t use any graphics to better explain my thoughts.
Both the peer review and instructor review workshops were very helpful to me. Not only was it a pair of second eyes for simple grammar, but also for word choice and thought processes. It was during the instructor review workshop that I realized my rough draft had too many ideas and not enough depth. Once I revised my rough draft, I was able to go under another critique that suggested word changes and provided further information that helped with the flow of my paper. All in all, I feel that both the workshops are key check points in the drafting process and were very helpful for me.
Overall, I feel that I effectively communicated the ideas throughout the paper, especially in the paragraph that was about effects of the body. In this section I had initially listed various disease the stem from diabetes. However, after reviewing the paper I noticed that it didn’t in fact flow and seemed to have too many topics. I revised the section and instead set it up as a cause

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