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The purpose of this, my reflective essay, is to consider the journey I have taken to develop and create both the story research task and the story task. In the first task I was tasked to do an in-depth research on a topic that was trending or perceived as popular with a wide and varied audience. Accordingly, this would be a topic that could be seen to span a range of Social Media and established news sources. Then, in the second task, I was required to create a well-structured article based on the topic and crafted to meet the well-established journalistic standards of an established periodical, such as Time magazine. I now regret not adding an image to both support and establish the storyline. If correctly used it would have become…show more content…
Consequently, I now realise that, to create credible newsworthy articles, I will need to research a wider range of academic documents and streaming news reports. I will also need to continue to refine my writing ability so as to fluently convey my message to a discerning, well read and educated audience. Evaluation and Analysis My primary objective in investing a Cashless Society was to explore the impact it could have on those marginalised within our culture. I had mistakenly used a limited set of trend analysis paradigms to search and track what I was looking for. If I had used a wider range of browsers and search engines may have provided a greater diversity of credible data. Relying on basic search algorithms does have its’ merits, but can also create limited search results due to inherit limitations in the calculations used. Using a Linear Search Algorithm meant that I was only able to create a short list of possible compiled data collections. While if I had taken the time and used a Binary Search Algorithm I could have created a larger database of key information. On reviewing my selection of data criteria and search reference limitations, I have come to learn that as Melissa S. Barker explains it “According to [the] IDC (the International Data Corporation), a top provider of Internet research, at least 50% of the time, searchers are unable to find what they seek” (Barker,

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