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In general, how successful was the lesson? The presentation was successful. There was a large turnout of 12th and 11th grade students as well as parents/guardians. The students and parents/guardians were engaged in the presentation and information that was being provided. It was also a great time to provide resources to the attendees, such as the HAAS counseling website.
Did the students learn what you intended for them to learn? Yes, overall the students and parents/guardians thought the information was helpful for college and career planning. Furthermore, the attendees also thought the information
Was helpful for senior year events and expectations. How do you know? I know the information was helpful because of the post-survey that was filled out by the attendees.
If you were able to bring samples of student work, what would those samples reveal about those student’s levels of engagement and understanding? The feedback survey would be considered the student and parent/guardian work to reveal the level of engagement and understanding. This information would reveal that about 73% of the students at about 89% that attended self-reported that the information that was provided was helpful or most helpful in planning for college and career readiness. While about about 96% of students and about 94.5% of parents self-reported that the presentation was helpful or most helpful in providing an overall understanding of senior year events and expectations.
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