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This past semester was a successful one, where I learned a lot about proper writing. I came into the course with a basic understanding of writing academic papers, and left with a good understanding. Throughout the course I became better prepared to meet General Education Student Outlines, and it was evident while revising my first project, the personal narrative. The first objective was “Students will identify and apply multiple approaches to the study of language, usage, grammar, diction, and style of standard written English.” In the course, I definitely had to approach the study of language in multiple different ways. I learned about many different writing styles, from the personal narrative of Project One, to the research intensive…show more content…
My style didn’t change at all, even though I did have to adapt to the different writing styles. While each paper read differently, I felt like they were all uniquely mine. Next was the objective, “Students will demonstrate knowledge of grammar and punctuation, including: pronoun case and pronoun antecedent; verbs (forms, tenses, moods, voice, subject-verb agreement); adjectives and adverbs; avoidance of common sentence flaws (sentence fragments, comma splices, fused sentences, shifts and dangling modifiers); diction and word choice.” While my grammar was unsatisfactory at first, I made really good progress throughout the semester. The first draft of Project One was riddled with grammatical errors. It was full of comma splices, which were fixed with proper punctuation. I also became better at eliminating fused sentences, by adding proper punctuation, and splitting sentences into two. While I didn’t have much trouble with fused sentences this year, they did popup on occasion, and were usually removed before the final draft. In the rough draft for Project One, I had a lot of problem with tense shifts, but corrected them in my revisions. Tense shifts were most obvious in Project Two, where I accidentally used “get sent” and “waited” in the same sentence. I had a large problem with capitalization in Project One, capitalizing words that shouldn't have been, and accidentally capitalizing random words. Most notably I capitalized “my Mother” and “my

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