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According to Polit and Beck (2017), “the ultimate goal of research is to develop and expand knowledge” (p. 3). Through my education in the Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner program, I plan to expand on the knowledge I already have and develop new knowledge that will help me become a successful student and nurse practitioner. I was first introduced to the concept of research during my undergraduate nursing program. During the program, I took a class that taught the basic knowledge of research and how it is used in our daily practice. It was in this class that I learned about evidence-based practice studies and how to find articles that were based on nursing research. I have no professional experience being involved in a research project or completing research on my own. I have been a part of implementing evidence based practice (EBP) interventions at work. Some of the interventions included implementing the ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system, new practices for lab draws and ways to decrease infections in central lines. The goals I will make for this class will address Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy of Learning. According to Clark (2015), “the cognitive domain involves knowledge and the development of intellectual skills.” Using this domain, my goal is to be able to analyze and evaluate research effectively, and apply what I learn to help expand my education and daily practice. I will accomplish this goal by, distinguishing between facts and inferences when

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