Personal Reflection IIi : Concluding Assessment

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Personal Reflection III: Concluding Assessment At the start of the internship, my objectives were to learn more about the film industry, to gain further insight into working life and how that differs from college and to gain more experience in the field of public relations. All in all, I felt I achieved all of these goals I set for myself. In my previous write up, I highlighted the difference I found between work life and college life. I found it pleasant that I did not have homework occupying my nights however it was difficult and draining to be focused on work for at least 8 hours a day with a small 1 hour break for lunch. From Mammoth Advertising, I also delved extensively into the inner workings of film PR, especially on how coverages for things such as trailers and posters impacts how a movie will be marketed. I was also given the chance to write press releases for things such as trailers and character debuts, which was fun and exciting. Overall, it gave me a sense of how public relations have an important and irreplaceable place in a successfully marketed film. Although my experience at Mammoth Advertising was not smooth sailing nor easy, my summer with this film PR company has definitely peaked my interest in venturing further into the film PR industry. In my future endeavors, I hope to be working for the studios such as Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures or FOX 20th Century to get a feel of what goes into making a movie successful on within distribution and production
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