Personal Reflection : John Bowlby 's Attachment Theory

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Personal Reflection According to John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory, children come into the world “programed” to create attachments with others in order to help them survive. The attachment that is created during the infants first few days and week of life is extremely important. The attachment that is created early on in the life, can affect development through out ones life. During Anisworth’s research, she established several types of attachment styles. The securely attached child would be visibly upset when their mother walked out of the room and wanted the mother’s attention once she came back into the room. The Avoidantly attached child did not really cry when they were separated and chose to avoid their mothers when they came back.…show more content…
After quite sometime of spending every single day with my dad, I started to call my dad mom. I referred to him as both dad and mom. When my mom finally returned, I didn’t automatically change over to calling her mom. The issue here was that I would say mom and look at my dad, even thought my mom was back. Now, I did talk to my mom over the phone while she was away and my dad reminded me every single day that she is coming back yet I couldn’t adjust. This carried on for about two or three weeks after she got back from Italy. I do not actually remember what kind of contact I had with her when she got back or how I reacted after almost seven months of not seeing her. But I do recall my mom trying to give me a hug and I ran to my dad saying “mom”. According to Orville Brime and Jerome Kagan “Sometimes after 6 months of age, babies begin to show a decided preference for a particular adult, usually the mother…during any time of stress-anxiety, illness, appearance of strangers-the baby will move to the preferred adult.”(pg. 16) In my case, I formed a stronger bond with my dad while my mom was away for those seven months. Even though I was five years old, I looked at my dad as someone who was there and someone I can run to when I was in a stressful situation. Now that I think about this, I spent more time with my dad than mom in general. My mom would usually work till the night hours at the grocery store and my dad would be the one that
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