Personal Reflection Of Baseball : My Passion For Baseball

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The quote “A picture is worth a 1,000 words” is very true. When we look at a photograph, we forget that not only is it just an image taken by a camera but it is a moment and memory being captured and stored forever. There are only a few photos where I can say represent my life because this one speaks to my personality clearly. Baseball is an important part of my life and I show a lot of passion for it. The photo I chose represents who I am as a person. A picture should have many meanings to it and you should be able to explain your photo well. I keep over 3,000 pictures in my camera roll on my phone and every one of them has a distinctive meaning to it. This photograph describes my life because it represents my life, speaks to my personality, and describes my passion for baseball. My appreciation for baseball started when I was seven years old. Although I grew up on the south side, my love for baseball was for the north side. My brothers would watch the Cubs everyday and I watched them get hyped and excited over it. I always thought they were insane from how emotional they would get during the game. I started to get attentive and watched the games with them while they were on. I was that annoying little sister that kept asking questions during the game. My brothers were annoyed but they were also patient with me, as I was just learning the sport. I began to become more infatuated with the sport at such a young age. My passion for it began to grow each and everyday. I started to play softball as I grew older and my dedication for the game grew even more. I definitely give my brothers credit for turning me into the psycho baseball fan I am today. When I look at this image, I feel blessed. I am blessed because I remember that day very well, and it was the most enjoyable day I’ve ever had (Wrigley Field). This day, I had the privilege to go behind the scenes of Wrigley Field. I took this picture when I was touring the press box and saw this amazing view. I snapped this photo on my phone so I can capture that incredible day and carry a wonderful memory that will forever remain in my mind. It is more than just a photo to me(Wrigley Field). It represents how much I love baseball because I can talk about what
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