Personal Reflection Of Leadership In Learning At Richmond County School

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Throughout the month of October, I was presented with the opportunity to learn about Richmond County Schools during our cohort synergy sessions and the required switch school residency placement. This experience expanded my administrative horizon and opened my eyes to a different educational model in our neighboring county. Along with the broadened LEA perspective, I also gained a valuable experience at Monroe Avenue Elementary School in the areas of curriculum, professional learning communities, and instructional practices. The greatest challenge I faced during my switch period is a personal challenge; I am aware that I am an INTJ personality type and can oftentimes be private, independent, reserved, and difficult to get to know. I am mindful that this could lead to frustrations amongst staff members and make me less approachable. As a result of these personality traits, it is my responsibility to be aware of the need to create connections with staff and offer praise as needed. I made a considerable effort to make strong individual connections with members of the school community during my weeks at Monroe Avenue Elementary School. Upon reflection, the greatest lesson I learned through my switch experience is in the area of instruction. Mrs. Terry, the principal at Monroe Avenue Elementary School, and Mrs. Swiney, the instructional coach opened my eyes to critically observe instruction when conducting classroom walk-throughs. It is important to ensure that content

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