Personal Reflection Of Managing A Team In A Media Business

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In my personal opinion, the back half of a semester is always the hardest part to get through; moral takes a dive and motivation is at an all-time low. It’s stressful, not only for the students but professors as well. Truth is that a lot of things went wrong that were out of our hands, that didn’t help matters any but there is no point in dwelling on what cannot be controlled. It was frustrating, however, we all managed to get through it in the end, everything turned out alright like it always does in these situations. Along the way I noticed some things that I would like to address. Before any of the projects start we should spend at least one if not two class periods talking about how to manage a team, and characteristics that a good manager has. Many of us that were in the class have no experience managing people, especially not in a media business. I think that was one of the biggest problems, we didn’t know what we were supposed to be doing and it created a lot of chaos among our group and class mates. This would also make the projects run a lot smoother than they did. No one had any management experience, so they were not really sure what they were supposed to be doing; but if we spent the first two weeks or so on what to do things would be a lot easier for everyone. Something else that I think should be changed is the size of the groups. In normal group projects when you have three or four people it is hard to get everyone’s schedule aligned so that you can meet to
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