Personal Reflection Of My K 12 Education

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Personal Education Reflection
My K-12 education varied by the location of where I was and what year I was in school. For kindergarten, I attended a private neighborhood school solely for kindergarteners as the Korean education system did not offer public kindergarten education in my area. As a result, I attended this school as all the other children in my age group did. From first grade through eighth grade, I attended public schools for where I was zoned. Private schools did exist in my area, but I believe I was not significantly hindered as there were after-school extracurricular activities at the particular schools I went to that matched other schools in local academic competitions and such. My high school education occurred in a liberal arts, college preparatory school where the students were limited by a particular zone but had to test into attend. I was able to test into this particular school and received education, which I believe surpassed the traditional schools in the area.
For most of my education in these schools, I would say that my school was not diverse. Until high school, I was often one of the handful of Asian students that attended the school. School administrators would sometimes even ask me to translate for them if the new student was Korean, and the administrators were unable to communicate with them. Most of my classmates were Caucasian and African-American, and very few other races and ethnicities were present. The teachers also followed this racial…
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