Personal Reflection Of Personal Ethics In The Classroom

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I am one of the numerous amount of students enrolled in your class and most likely, you have no idea who I am. I am hopeful that this letter will apprise you about my personality, work ethic, and other characteristics.
When I was younger, I enjoyed being constantly active; whether that be hanging off the couch while watching T.V. or running around my house yelling incoherent phrases to drive my mother insane, I did it all. One day, I stumbled upon a video of a girl teaching the viewer how to do a skill named the back handspring (a skill where you push off from an upright standing position into vertical back onto your feet to complete a full rotation). In awe, it inspired me to attempt it myself, until I realized it took a lot more to flip backwards and expect to land on your hands without falling onto your face. I can recall myself watching a plethora of these varieties of videos in where people demonstrated how to do different certain skills. I would be fascinated by the idea that you can maneuver your body to do tricks that most people would not dare to attempt. Not long after that, I begged to try out and, to my amazement, ended up making it into what would become my gymnastics team.
When I first began, I was not prepared for the amount of work that was required of the individual, both physically and mentally. I remember the first practice I attended was one of my most exhausting. Being a newcomer to such an intense sport, it allowed many, many mistakes. The quote said

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