Personal Reflection Of Psychology

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I enjoyed taking this class and learning about the foundations of psychology. This class was interesting to me because it explained the reasons for many events in my life. Unlike a portion of other topics I study, I could relate to the information within psychology. I tend to find topics much more interesting when they apply to me and I can relate to them. Psychology explains the emotions, feelings, thought processes, and development I experience. The most interesting topics to me were human development, health psychology, psychological disorders, learning, and memory. Human development discusses the changes a person experiences as they grow throughout life. This topic covers the physical, cognitive, and socioemotional changes throughout our lifetime and how they affect who we are and who we become. Human development includes both growth and decline in areas of a person as they continue through life. This topic interested me because it showed me how our learning capacities evolve as we grow. Before learning this chapter, I thought that people generally became more intelligent as they are exposed to more information. I was not aware of the concept of cognitive development and Piaget’s stages. Object permanence and conservation were interesting to me because I could see how our thinking changes. As a 17 year-old, I can understand that objects exist even when they cannot be seen and that two equal amounts of water are always the same no matter what shape or size of glass they

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