Personal Reflection Of Team Work

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Alternatively, I do need some balance and working on teams does bring me satisfaction at times. My individual team style is more of a “contributor” (Denhardt, Denhardt, Aristigueta, 2016, p. 307), as I am task oriented and typically provide technical information, desires high performance standards, and is dependable. I do not view working in teams as a full time job, meaning, I’m a member of a many teams where the majority of the work is performed individually and we meet periodically to review statuses, train, or plan for the future. Very little of my professional team work involves working together in person, it’s more virtual but coming together in person during scheduled meetings. Areas that I need to develop to become a better team manager are conflict resolution and showing more empathy or understanding to team members’ feelings. I find conflict in teams to be uncomfortable and at times personalities can clash to a point that problem resolution cannot occur effectively. My personality type re-affirmed that I need to consider the feelings and attitudes of others on my team more closely and not just always consider the facts at hand. I also need to be more aware of how to measure team effectiveness and how the individual personality styles and phases of team development can impact team performance. Section III: Talking It Over This section covers feedback from others on my self-assessment and journey of furthering my understanding of myself. For this exercise, I chose to share the results of the Hogan & Champagne Inventory as well as several of the key findings from the textbook activities. I chose one professional peer at work, Rudy Perez, and one superior non-manager (Bruce Monson), both of the Maricopa County Department of Emergency Management. I went over the attributes associated with an ISTJ style and both agreed that the test results were an accurate assessment of my personal style. My peer stated that he doesn’t think I am a full introvert as I have no problem socializing and talking with others that I know, though I am more reserved than him when we meet new people. My superior remarked that I am extremely dependable and he knows that I will complete whatever task I receive with great detail.

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