Personal Reflection On Health Care

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Iheme Chinwenwa Personal Reflection My course was unlike most classes I have taken in college. This course educates me on issues in health care, professionalism, regulation, health safety, and quality. I feel like this course has made me understand the importance of professionalism in healthcare. This course has also taught me to attain a high standard in my medical profession. I have gained more knowledge of the responsibilities of medical professional in healthcare. I have gained an understating on the issue of accreditation, certification, and licensure, and it 's impact on my profession. The readings for this class have made me knowledgeable about the health care in the United States. I am well informed about the rights of a patient and procedures involved in working with a patient. Due to the reading for this course, I am aware of the importance of patient’s safety, health quality and malpractice in healthcare. I have also learned more about my career in medical laboratory science. What is more, I have found out that there is a difference between licensure and certification. From the reading and discussion in class, I have learned more about the Affordable Care Act. In as much as I was aware of the basic features of the Affordable Care Act, but the reading and discussion in this course have exposed me to more details about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The reading and discussion also made to think of the ACA impact on health practitioners and patients. I am more
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