Personal Reflection On Lithium By Nirvana

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1. Some students have an interest that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story. (250-650 words)

From where I stand among a collection of screens blinking and moving in ways I vaguely understand, I am an arm’s length away from a pale pink hose peeking through a ten-centimeter hole. Monotonous beeping and mechanical breaths asynchronous with “Lithium” by Nirvana fade as I focus on the words coming from behind the surgeon’s face mask. Dr. Hruby explains the cause of the patient’s bowel obstruction, pausing mid-sentence to ask for the suction-irrigator. Neither two-dimensional nor rainbow-colored like the diagrams I committed to memory, the small intestines are really beautiful; they look so cozy snuggled together glistening in the bright beams of the overhead lights. With this thought I am prompted to reflect on what sort of experiences I’ve had, which might cause me to see someone’s entrails as charming.
In seventh-grade life science, I was tasked with learning thirty bones in the body, allowing a viral-sized interest for anatomy to infect my brain. Spreading quickly and systemically, the result was a chronic, incurable passion for the human body. One moment I was googling the femur, the next I had learned all two hundred and six bones of the body, had a
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From the innumerable coffee shirts filling my closet to the posters, stickers, mugs, and personal artwork, you might even go as far as to call it an obsession. Technically it is a psychoactive stimulant. I’ve read books and articles about coffee and caffeine. I draw caffeine’s chemical structure on my arms and assignments and other people. I love to read about its impacts on the human body from the correlations between daily use and good health to caffeine related psychiatric disorders classified in the current Diagnostics and statistics
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