Personal Reflection On My Personal Philosophy

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The purpose of this paper is to reflect on how my experiences in life influenced my personal ethical development. By reflecting on my life experiences, I will explore how my upbringing, and my faith influenced my morals and values. This paper will also explore ethical issues in counseling, and ethical codes used to resolve the issues. In addition, this paper I will reflect how this course has changed me in certain aspects regarding ethics and legal obligations in counseling.

Section I

1) Family influences

My parents have definitely influenced the decisions I make. My parents have always helped to teach me right from wrong. My moral guidances have been centered around my mother. This has benefited me immensely. My parents have and will always be a supporter. When in the midst of making a decision, I almost always ask myself, "What would my parents want me to do in this situation?" I greatly value the teachings of my mother, and I can attribute her teachings to my ethical decision-making. I can also contribute my passion for helping others to my mother. I know I will be a better counselor if I uphold the values and teachings of my mother, who is one of the most important person in my life.

Section II

2) Environmental influences

My faith is the foundation that I ground my life on. I was raised up in a religious environment. My faith is my guidance when it comes to my ethical decision-making. The teachings of my faith allowed me to tell a part right and wrong, and
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