Personal Reflection On Teaching Experience

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Reflection on Teaching Experience Our Final project for EDU 581- Clinical Teaching in Health professions was to build on our Educational experience in EDU 497- Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and Health professions in planning and implementing a lesson related to Health Professions Education. This lesson design and implementation was so important for me, because it was my first official lesson to teach. So, the guidelines given by the course instructors in the course modules helped me to design my comprehensive lesson plan beyond a novice expertise. I chose to deliver my lesson in our face-to-face meeting in May 2014. I decided to choose a topic of a common interest amongst different healthcare providers “International Patient Safety Goals”. The plan to my project included: knowing Audience, Learning goals/objectives, Needs assessment, and timed implementation scheme. Needs assessment Evidence that there is a need for such a lesson. The main phrase we know quoted from the Hippocratic Oath is “First do not harm”. Patient safety as a new discipline of health care quality and management, emphasizes on the process of reporting, analyzing and preventing of Medical Errors that often lead to adverse health events. The WHO called patient safety an endemic concern, as 1of 10 patients around the world is impacted from errors. Also, IOM report (1999): “To Err Is Human: building a safer health system” • 98,000 patients die each year from preventable medical errors. •
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