Personal Reflection On The Field Of Human Services

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Personal Reflection Considering Alison’s example I believe that having a background in the field of human services is not a curse, I believe that it is a blessing. With any situation there is always different ways a person can view a situation. The glass can be half full or half empty; it all depends on the person perception. How can a person truly relate to someone if they have never experienced the same situation? For example how could I relate to someone who just lost his or her brother from cancer, if I never lost anyone before or even had a sibling? There is no way I can truly relate, I might be able to understand the situation, but I wouldn’t be able to truly relate. Having a background in human services is a benefit. If a person did not have a background in human service they probably would not have chosen to be in this field. Their background could have been what put them in their career. I wish that everyone had a perfect childhood, but that will never happen and the past cannot be altered so it’s best to look at the positive side about having a background in human services in order to create a better future. Sometimes people become so overwhelmed about a situation thats already over, although it can be hard most of the time the only thing that a person can do is to learn from their experiences and utilize it to help others. Lessons repeat themselves until they are learned. Looking back into my childhood I played several roles as a caretaker for my mom. When I
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