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As I started to improve, I felt that imagery and increase arousal was having a large positive impact on my performance. Therefore, it led me to have more motivation to keep having the imagery sessions. However, this time I wanted to try imagery from an external perspective, where I visualize myself from the perspective of someone else. It makes it easier to see the technique and the form of weightlifting. Like the previous sessions, I wanted to psych myself up and be cognitive specific by imaging the certain motor skills to get a feel for the movement. In my mind, I pictured myself as an outsider who is watching someone bench press. From my perspective, I could see the person’s overall form and body movement as they lifted the barbell up…show more content…
During that time, I felt really confident and it felt much easier compared to when I first did the 15-pound bench press a week ago. Overall, I felt focused and in control of my body motion. When I tried to increase the weight to 20-pounds, I struggled to get lift the barbell up. After a few more attempts, I decided to stop and revert back to the 15-pound barbell and completed another 10 bench presses before leaving the gym. After completing the training exercise, I thought my usage of imagery helped increase my arousal level, but I am not certain if it directly correlates to my improved performance. While I was not able to increase my weightlifting performance by ten pounds, I was satisfied with my 5-pound improvement. However, there are many external factors like deliberate practice that might have influence the results. Likewise, I think my initial improvement that I experience led me to believe in the theories behind positive imagery and increased arousal, which might have a placebo effect and the desire to continue with the training sessions. After I finished the exercise, I completed the Sports Imagery Questionnaire in the textbook and found that I scored high on vividness, which helps increase the effectiveness of imagery. I also found that it was very difficult to control the mental images, so I tried to block out the images of failure and mistakes. At the beginning, it was very difficult for me to focus so I changed the
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