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University of Phoenix Material Program Reflection Answer the following questions about your overall BSHA program experience. Your responses should be a minimum of 100 words each. Use the following program outcomes as a guide, when necessary: 1. Graduates will be able to identify the structure and role of delivery systems within the health care industry. 2. Graduates will be able to examine the components of management and leadership within health care organizations. 3. Graduates will be able to analyze the utilization and application of technology within a health care organization. 4. Graduates will be able to examine the application of risk and quality management concepts in the health care industry. 5. Graduates will be able…show more content…
|collaboration with each instructor. Although this is was an online platform of learning, it | | |was very engaging at times and it almost made me feel as if I was in a classroom setting with| | |the intellectual conversation of topics that were discussed. I also enjoyed the learning | | |team forums and working together as a team. That is very important as each individual needs | | |to be able to work with a group and not stand alone especially in an online setting. Its | | |important that we learn social interaction and work well with others. | |What would you like to see added? |Well the program is excellent like it is; but I would love to have had more coursework in the| | |coding or health information management aspect of it. I received my Associates degree in | | |healthcare administration with a concentration in medical records; and to be honest there | | |wasn’t that much in medical records that I could actually learn from as I have experience in | | |this field already and it was not anything new that I received. What I did find out was |

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