Personal Reflection

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During my studies with the University of Oklahoma, my selected area of focus was counseling. In addition to selecting many courses that focused on theoretical approaches to counseling, I also completed the graduate certificate “Helping Skills in Human Relations”. In my seminar “Counseling Skills in Human Relations”, which was presented by Dr. Johnson, I worked closely within my team, and practiced effective counseling strategies. After reading “Helping Skills” by Clara Hill, as well as the textbook “Counseling and Psychotherapy”, by Capuzzi, & Stauffer (2016), which was utilized in Dr. Papas’ course “Theoretical Foundations in Human Relations”, I learned how to apply theoretical foundations of Freud’s Psychoanalysis, Kierkegaard’s Existentialism, and Jung, Maslow, and Rogers’s Humanism. In Hill’s text, she describes facilitative aspects of counseling, problems that may arise between the counselor and the client, and how to become an efficient helper. Hill’s three stage model on exploration, insight, and action explains how to effectively coach a client in order to heal from traumatic events. These in-depth studies of personality theories, allowed me to form my concept of personality development and counseling skills. I am intrigued by the teachings of Carl Rogers: First and foremost, I believe that establishing a relationship based on trust, genuineness, acceptance and positive regard must develop before the helping relationship can begin. I am certain that all living

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