Personal Reflection

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One of the experiences that I had during my second week as an intern is that I had a homeless client who suffered from a mental health condition which I cannot disclose due to confidentiality. While I was doing her intake, I had to think back to some of the information that I learn from my previous courses in college on how to help someone in need who is suffering from any kind of mental health condition. The intake with the client went pretty well and I was very proud of the way how I handled a situation like that because I had my resources to think back to. I did get a little scared because I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to take on challenge of working with someone who has mental health issues but the results came out very positive for me. After my second week of being an intern, things continued to run very smoothly for me. Even after I just started doing the intake and case management duties, I still had some times where I would forget things and remind myself what I needed to do correct it.

During this time as an intern, I began to notice a lot of changes in myself that continue to help me grow not only as a person but a professional as well. I’ve started to gain more confidence in myself and it also shows me on what skills I need to use for my future career. While during my junior and senior year, I finally decided to take that risk by putting myself into more social activities due to the fact that I am a psychology and human services major. After I

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