Personal Reflection Paper

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Over the course of six months, I have become proficient in using the general ledger, purchasing and sales orders/invoice menus in QAD. My process areas involve searching for invoices and purchase orders to solve inventory, AR, AP or fixed asset problems. I am often entering or updating projects in QAD and have learned how to investigate and solve account, sub-account and cost center problems. I have become proficient in how to find, change, upload and post journal entries and account balances within QAD. During the year, I took the initiative to engage in a TM1 training to better learn the system. On a daily basis, I use TM1 for pulls into my files and am able to problem solve any abnormalities that may occur. I have created my own TM1 pulls for other functions. On a weekly basis I am able to upload forecasts or outlook adjustments directly to TM1.
On a daily basis I am able to run Cognos reports correctly. Through the year, I have made my own Cognos reports in the Cognos advanced viewer and continue to be able to use it proficiently for all tasks that require it.
On a monthly basis, I refresh HFM reports and submit data through HFM. I have been able to create an HFM pull for items needed that weren’t previously created successfully.
Through the year, I have learned where the FDM account mapping file is kept for any account-cost center – entity questions I have come across and know where the ERP ledger is on the watercooler webpage. I have been able to successfully post
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