Personal Reflection Paper

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BRIEF PAPER ABOUT RESEARCH From the research that I have done forming the three research articles, I have concluded that the authors who wrote the research journal, the magazine, and the book advise to not work out heavily every time. The authors suggest that if I do have a busy schedule, one that does usually fit gym time in the daily commute, that I should at least incorporate some level of physical activity whenever I have the free time. Simply walking at a fast pace on the way to work or class, or just getting out of a chair and stretching is beneficial for most, if not all, people. I can use the advice given to me so that I can be constantly active even when not in the gym, so that I don’t increase body fat percentages. The research articles are for the common group of people who don’t want to commit their life to the gym, but simply want to ease their way into it. There are no stated risks for going to the gym, however there are indirectly stated risks for not going to the gym and doing, say studying for copious amounts of hours. Stated in the first research article, students who had a higher GPA and spent more hours studying tended to have a high body fat percentage than those who studied 2 hours a day. The articles did list benefits that could come with the exercise it advised. If I were to increase the physical activity I partake in in the day, I could be able to breath better as well as have a better respiratory system in general. As well as this, I could

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