Personal Reflection Paper On English

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Reflection Paper English has never been my strong suit. I always hated English simply, because I never concerned myself as a writer. I always stuck to the bare minimum and was pleased to know that I passed. I honestly never tried hard in English because I never felt good enough. I did not see myself as a confident writer and I am not sure I ever will. Since, being enrolled in English 201, it supplied some challenges that I was not ready for and felt unsuited for. Along the way, I learn some valuable lessons that I will utilize in my college career. As a student in high school, I never heard of anything called a rhetoric until I attend college. I realize that a rhetoric analyzes is observing the scenery of an artifact. As I have been told in the writer 's center, everything/aspect was planned and has a purpose. This allowed me to view details about my artifact and see that the filmmakers had a reason behind each part of the scene. It also helps me determine the audience and who exactly is this writing for. It helps me figure out the situation and why was that the main focus of the artifact. By determining the tone the author was trying to display, it was easier to comprehend what the purpose was. Because of this, I believe that goal one was reached. For goal two, I believe that this was the second hardest because this is mainly developing my ideas on paper. I believe that I have great ideas, but expressing them on paper has always been a struggle for me. I
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