Personal Reflection Paper On Religion

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Religion, for most people, brings meaning and purpose into their lives. In my own life, I found religion through constant self-evaluation and the need to confide in someone. I still remember my first experience there, almost eight years ago, as a reluctant child. “Going to the temple will allow you to understand our culture, teach you the values of life, and gives you opportunities to make new friends,” my mother told me. Religion did not only bring me closer to God, but also helped me connect with my parents. Growing up as a first generation student with parents who were new to America and could barely speak English was a difficult endeavor that I hated and cursed daily. I was constantly confused about my image, my culture, and my…show more content…
However, in retrospect, this has been a blessing in disguise. My mom and dad never taught me the social etiquette that are second nature to private school students, nor did they teach me the norms of American society. Instead, my parents instilled in me their beliefs, their norms, and their culture, which eventually transformed me into who I am today. When my parents were in India, they grew up praying every day and night with their parents. I did not understand what the person above was going to do for me that my parents can’t even do for me. But after this difficult time in my life of not understanding who I am, I turned to God the same way my parents do. At the time, I only had a small sense of my own culture, and my knowledge of tradition, society, and community was limited.
My first memory was walking into a building with a saying engraved in red above the entrance that read, “In the joy of others lies your own”. At that moment, I dismissed it and thought of it as a silly proverb. As a newcomer who did not understand her surroundings, it was difficult to find out where I would fit in. I stumbled into my first “kids sabha”, the equivalent of a classroom, which I eventually came to love and participate in. All the girls my age kindly introduced themselves and my former worries slowly began to fade away. Eventually, I began mentoring the younger kids about their religion and culture just as
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